Wreck Diver

Wreck diving is a thrilling and adventurous type of scuba diving that involves exploring large sunken objects, such as a ship or airplane, underwater.Most divers find wreck diving irresistible because not only do you get to explore a little piece of the past, but it opens up new and exciting avenues of discovery. On top of being able to dive into history, wrecks are also artificial reefs teeming with life. Aquatic creatures thrive in the nooks and crannies made available by the sunken vessel.
The PADI wreck diver course is an interesting course that teaches recreational divers all about the safety and responsibility that goes hand in hand with wreck diving. It opens up a whole new world of diving that allows people to not just research and tour the outside of a wreck, but also learn how to safely perform limited penetration in an enclosed environment.

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